Flybox OMNIA Höhenmesser / Vario

Flybox OMNIA Höhenmesser / Vario
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Flybox OMNIA Höhenmesser / Vario

Omnia57 ALTI-VARIO is a compact and reliable instrument that integrates a precise and calibrated sensor to measure the aircraft altitude up to 25.000 ft. A graphic variometer is shown in the main screen.
All the components of the Omnia57 family are equipped with a state-of-the-art, highly visible display, a powerful 32 bit microcontroller and the latest generation of solid state sensors and components to ensure reliability and accuracy over time.
Omnia57 ALTI-VARIO can be interfaced with the Rotax engines "i" series through the CAN bus.

Up to 16 Omnia57 family instruments can be connected in cluster to form a communication network, making some data exchange operations simpler.

Included gauges:
Vertical speed indicator
Knob with pushbutton
2 CAN bus
Light Sensor input
USB 2.0 port
Static port
Can be connected in cluster with other Omnia57 instruments

Rugged case milled from solid aluminium
100% manufactured and tested with automatic processes

Customizable color tape
Settable bug on the altitude tape
VSI tape indicator
Manual or Automatic Backlight dimmer
Easy software updating through the USB port
Technical specifications:
2.4" color graphic LCD 320x240 pixels with 1000 nits backlight
Standard mounting 2 1/4” (57mm)
Powder painted aluminium case
Body dimensions: 68.5 x 62 x 30 mm
Weight: 140 g
Operational temperature range: -20 ~ +70°C
Supply voltage: 10 ~ 30 Vdc
Supply current: 60mA
1 open collector 300mA Alarm output
Embedded absolute sensor, -1000/+25000ft range
1 input port for 6mm rubber hose

Flybox OMNIA Höhenmesser / Vario
Flybox OMNIA Höhenmesser / Vario

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