TL-3524 digitaler Höhenmesser

TL-3524 digitaler Höhenmesser
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TL-3524 digitaler Höhenmesser
Altimeter TL-3524 is an altimeter with encoder in one. With the Altimeter, you can not only save weight by having two instruments in one but, in addition, it is also one of the first encoders that transmits the code immediately after the switch-on. In your Altimeter, you can easily set altitude that is to be kept - the instrument will inform you whether you are above or bellow this set altitude. You will be informed also on minimum descent altitude, approach, transition altitude, altitude with lack of oxygen etc. Using a PC and the program, which is a part of delivery, the Altimeter also enables you anytime to go through the history of measured values.


- two instruments for the price of one - Altimeter and mode C Encoder for all types of transponder
- set the limit values at two levels (Warning and Alarm) for the measured height
- displays height in QNH or QFE, with the option of setting zero
- provides a warning if an insufficient oxygen height is reached
- signals the low height, e.g. for opening the undercarriage, MDA, approach
- indicates reaching the transition altitude

Basic functions:
- display immediately the maximum height reached etc., by pressing the external button
- using your PC, download at any time the history of the measured height values from the Altimeter
- connect your Altimeter to the output of the signalisation unit, which will warn you of the exceeded height limits
- connect your Altimeter with the Intercom using the iFamily® Bus and gain the option of having a voice alert of the exceeded limits
- you can at any time download the latest version of the firmware to your Altimeter, thereby always having the latest functions we prepare for you

Other functions:
- designed for all types of aircraft
- displays in meters and feet
- output for mode C transponder
- STROBE signal for enabling the data output
- high-precision measurement
- simple two-button control using the nav-menu
- history of the measured values with use of the SchecK® method
- user-programmable external button for the quick selection of any function

Technical parameters:
- voltage: 10.0 to 32.0 Volts
- backlights internal or external: 5V, 12V or 24V
- current consumption: 50 to 250 mA @ 14 Volts
- maximal voltage and current of signalization: 30 Volts, 1 Ampere
- measurement: +/-1%(not including sensor accuracy)
- measuring range: -350m to 9700m (-1.150ft to 31.950ft)
- resolution: 1m (3ft)
- operating: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F) temperature range
- relative humidity: 95% without condensation
- load: +/-20 g
- vibration: 1 to 200 Hz
- weight: 250 grams (0,55 lbs)
- dimensions: 71x67x50 mm (2.795x2.637x1.968 inch)
- diameter hole: 57 mm (2 1/4")
- encoder: MODE C with Strobe signal
- communication line with a PC via standard RS-232c